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Instagram could be working on a paid verification feature

Time to Have Some Insta Fun!

Seems like Instagram is looking for ways to cash in on their platform users even more. And this time, it’s by offering users the chance to get verified… for a fee.

What Exactly is Instagram charging for?

Well, they’re talking about adding a feature that will allow users to pay in order to get that coveted “Verified Badge” next to their profile. This badge is traditionally used to let people know that the user is legitimate and not just some kind of imposter.

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But Why the Change?

Right now, the badge is typically only given to certain “respected” users — like celebrities, athletes, and other high-profile people. But with the new feature, anyone with a few extra bucks in their pocket can get it. Hey, if a Kardashian can get verfied, why not you?!

What Are The Pros and Cons?

Let’s take a look at the positives and negatives of this new feature:


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  • It’s a great way for average users to make a little extra money
  • It could help celebrities, athletes and other high-profile people to protect their identities
  • The little “Verified Badge” is pretty darn cool


  • It could make it harder for average users to get verified as they may be overlooked in favor of those with deep pockets
  • It could make it so only the super wealthy can afford the badge and thus creating an exclusivity problem
  • It could lead to an over-saturation in the market, making the badge less special

So, Is This Feature a Good Idea?

That’s for you to decide. It’s certainly an intriguing concept, but could lead to some serious problems. But hey, that’s just part of the fun of being on a social media platform like Instagram. Who knows where it will take us next?

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