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Instagram reportedly working on Twitter-like paid verification

You Gotta Pay to Be Verified on Insta (Twitter’s Got Nothing On Us!)

It looks like Instagram is finally joining the pay-to-play game – courtesy none other than Twitter. Word on the street is that the latter’s influence has prompted Instagram to finally introduce a verification fee, much like the one that’s been in place on the blue bird app. This means you will soon be able to pay and get your account verified by Insta.

Why Would Anyone Pay To Get Verified?

If you’ve ever wondered why anyone would shell out money to get that blue badge on their profile, here’s what it means:

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  • Authenticity – Being verified on both Twitter and Instagram shows that you’re a genuine person/entity and lent adds a great deal of legitimacy and trust to your content.
  • Visibility – Being verified makes it easier for people to find you on Insta and helps your content from getting lost in the crowd.
  • Fame – It’s no secret that there’s a certain sense of importance that comes with a verified badge, no matter how much you brush it off!

How Will It Work?

The details of how exactly this system will work, aren’t out yet, but if Twitter’s system is anything to go by, it looks like there’ll be a certain amount of criteria that applicants will have to meet, and if they do, they’ll have to shell out a certain fee to complete the process and get that telltale blue badge on their profile.

How Much Will It Cost?

It’s still a mystery as of now, but based on the fee that Twitter charges for a similar service, it’s likely that the amount will be in the ballpark of $20-30 – not that bad considering what you’ll be buying!

So get ready to have your authenticity, visibility and fame verified in one neat little package! Would you be willing to get verified on Instagram by paying a fee? Let us know in the comments.

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