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Velan Studio’s Knockout City to shut down in June

Oh No, Knockout City to Shut Its Doors in June!

We’ve got some bad news for all the Knockout City fans out there. Velan Studios’ hit title, Knockout City, will sadly be shuttering its doors in June this year.

No matter how much we could dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge, it seems the game’s closure is inevitable. Velan Studios announced the sad news a couple of weeks ago. Time to breathe out a heavy sigh, as we bid goodbye to the dodgeball mayhem Knockout City offered us.

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But before we completely despair, let’s have a look at some of the highlights.

The Best of Knockout City

There really was quite a bit about the game that made it a standout title. Here are just a few of the highlights it offered players:

  • Unique, over-the-top take on the classic game of dodgeball.
  • Various maps to take your friends on with special power-ups.
  • Excellent four-player co-op, which you could also do with AI dummies.
  • A range of wild and wacky customization items.
  • Smooth cross-play support.

No doubt, Knockout City was an immensely fun and creative game. It certainly captured our hearts.

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What Happens Now?

At this stage of the ball game, Velocity Labs has stated they will no longer be providing new updates for the game. This is a shame as there were many aspects that could still use improvement.

Sentimental players should note that the Ranking (Ladder) lists and Seasons will be shut down on the 27th of May this year. The game itself will end online activity on June 24th.

So, Knockout City fans, let’s all take some time to dive in for one last game before June. Create some memories and enjoy all that the game has to offer.

Adios, Knockout City! We’ll miss you.

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