Home Technology Bowers & Wilkins Pi7 S2 review: Awesome sound, average ANC

Bowers & Wilkins Pi7 S2 review: Awesome sound, average ANC

Bowers & Wilkins Pi7 S2 Review: Great Sound, So-So ANC

So you just splurged on the fancy new Bowers & Wilkins Pi7 S2 headphones and you want my opinion? Don’t worry, I gotchu.

Let me start off by saying that the sound quality is fantastic. Seriously, these puppies reproduce sound with a clarity and depth you won’t believe – it’ll leave you wondering if you should be paying royalties to the artists.

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Active Noise Cancellation

What about the active noise cancellation? That’s… a tricky one. Based on my real-world testing, it’s just ‘ok’. It does a decent job of cancelling out background noises and voices, but I wouldn’t call it world-changing.

Build Quality

Now let’s talk build quality. Bowers & Wilkins didn’t scrimp on their construction here – the Pi7’s are extremely rugged and well-designed. Plus, they come with a nice hard carrying case so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Final Thoughts

The Bowers & Wilkins Pi7 S2 headphones are really excellent headphones. The sound quality is absolutely stellar and the build quality is top-notch. The only downside is that the noise cancellation technology isn’t as effective as some of its competitors.

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All in all, I think the Pi7’s are an excellent choice if you’re looking for great sound quality and don’t mind the so-so ANC.

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