Home Technology ‘CrossfireX’ and ‘Knockout City’ join the list of live service games shutting down soon

‘CrossfireX’ and ‘Knockout City’ join the list of live service games shutting down soon

Say Goodbye to These Live Service Games That Are Shutting Down

We’ve all been there: invested countless hours and money in a game only for the servers to shut down and you’re left wondering what to do next with your gaming life. Well, it looks like we’re saying goodbye to two more games, CrossfireX and Knockout City.


The first game is CrossfireX, the sequel to Smilegate’s massive hit Crossfire. This shooter is a big hit in the Xbox community, but sadly, the developer has closed shop and is no longer supporting the game.

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It isn’t all bad news though – Smilegate has set up a rewards program and some exclusive in-game stuff for anyone who played CrossfireX before the closure. So if you’re missing the game, at least you got some goodies for your hours and money invested.

Knockout City

The second game is Knockout City, a much newer game than CrossfireX. Developed by Velan Studios, the game came out in May 2021 and sadly is an early casualty of the video game industry.

Knockout City was a unique take on the digital dodgeball genre and was loved by many, but it was just not meant to be and the developers pulled the plug.

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Again, not all is bad news, as those who bought Knockout City will get to keep their progress and in-game items, like outfits and emotes.

What Does This Mean?

At the end of the day, it’s a reminder that developers can bring-and remove- games and content anytime they want. While we get to enjoy their work, losing them is just a sad inevitability and something we have to accept.

So, if you’ve played either of these games, best take some time out of your day to say goodbye! Who knows, maybe these won’t be the last ones to leave us. Until then, game on!

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