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NVIDIA rolls out update for Discord performance bug

NVIDIA Beats Discord Bug in Epic Battle

It’s a tale as old as time: NVIDIA and Discord join forces to tackle some pesky bug that’s been causing disturbance in the gaming community. As of this week, NVIDIA has recently released an update to combat the Discord performance bug.

Discord Performance Lag

Discord has been plagued with performance issues which have caused an uproar over the past few weeks in the gaming community. Players have been experiencing lags, stuttering, or both in the program when video games were run in the background. It was causing users a lot of frustration and many started to assume Discord had gone off the deep end.

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NVIDIA Comes to the Rescue

But, here comes NVIDIA with a knight in shining armor, delivering an update that targets the issue. The update automatically recognizes when a game is running, and adjusts the settings appropriately to make sure Discord runs as smooth and error-free as possible.

The Battle of the Bots

Honestly, we’re not really sure what it took to get this issue beaten back into the pits of doom, but the gaming gods were looking out for all of us. The NVIDIA update is meant to work with both the desktop and mobile apps, and so far, users are reporting significantly less lag thanks to the “battle bots” of NVIDIA.

Features of the New Update

The new NVIDIA update is loaded with features for users to enjoy:

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  • Smoother Voices: No more stuttering or echoing. You can enjoy crystal-clear conversations now!
  • Background Optimizer: Games running in the background no longer cause Discord to lag.
  • Automatic Adjustments: The settings will be adjusted depending on what game you are playing, so you can enjoy an optimal experience.

Victory Celebration

Discord and NVIDIA have truly saved us all! The gaming community will sleep soundly now knowing they no longer have to suffer through the lag plague of Discord. Looks like we’ll all have to thank NVIDIA for slaying this particular bug. In the meantime, let the celebration begin!

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