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Twitter to share ad revenue with creators

Great News Creators, Twitter’s Sharing the Wealth with You!

Are you a creator? Do you struggle to make ends meet while creating awesome art, comedies, or other cool content? If so, then boy oh boy do we have some exciting news for you! Twitter recently announced that they are going to start sharing ad revenue with content creators. This will both provide a desperately needed source of income for creators and make Twitter an even more competitive platform for content than it already is. Let’s explore this great news in a little bit more detail:

How Does It Work?

The specifics are still fuzzy and aren’t yet available to the public, but Twitter has stated they will be partnering with third-party best media hubs to facilitate the process. In other words, you can expect third-party providers to be substituting for Twitter in helping to connect you with advertisers, analyzing what works best for your content, and helping you to monetize your work.

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Will my Content be Ad Free?

No, and this is probably the most important feature of the new system. Twitter has stated that no content you create on their platform is ever going to be free from ads. That said, you will have reasonable options over which types of ads appear with which content, a choice that was previously not available. This means you can make sure your content gets associated with the type of ads that are both most likely to drive engagement and generate revenue for you.

Is This Only for Video Creators?

Not at all! The new system is designed to work with all types of content. The only requirement is that is be original, reasonably well-crafted and on-topic, with Twitter helping to match you with the best media hubs for the type of content you produce.

How Do I Get Started?

Right now, very few details are available as to how to register and get set up. However, in the coming weeks and months, more will surely become available. In the meantime, take some time to really think through the type of content you want to sell and the type of ads you’d be willing to have associated with it. Have a business plan ready to roll once the kinks are worked out and you are ready to go!

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Final Thoughts

Twitter’s new ad revenue sharing system is not only highly innovative, but a real game-changer for content creators all over the world. Get ready for some extra income and great content opportunities as soon as everything is set up and ready to roll!


  • What’s the deal?: Twitter is introducing a new ad revenue sharing system to creators on their platform.
  • How does it work: Third-party providers will help connect creators with advertisers and help them monetize their work.
  • What type of content?: All types of content on Twitter are eligible for the new system.
  • Where do I sign up?: Not yet available, but details will be released soon.

Happy monetizing!

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