Home Technology Latent Technology raises $2.1M to blend AI and game animations

Latent Technology raises $2.1M to blend AI and game animations

Latent Tech ‘Games up’ with $2.1M to Blend AI with Animations

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Latent Tech, a startup focused on marrying AI and game animations, just raised $2.1M in a Series A funding round.

Game Changing AI Solutions

Latent Tech is using the funding to capitalize on a growing interest in using AI to power gaming animation. Using AI to animate characters makes them more responsive and lifelike, a must for superior gaming experiences. AI-powered animation also free up designers from burdensome, time-consuming tasks, allowing them to focus on more creative aspects of the project.

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A Winning Combination for Game Designers

This isn’t the first time AI has been put to work in gaming designs – 3D animators have used AI-driven solutions for years to complete tasks quickly, accurately, and to a high level of detail. What Latent Tech is doing is leveraging AI capabilities to create a more comprehensive hybrid to address the needs of gaming developers and designers.

AI + Animation: The Best of Both Worlds

The concept behind this game-changing AI-driven platform is simple: using AI to simulate and generate game animations by leveraging neural networks and machine learning algorithms. Latent tech’s goal is simple: to create a powerful combination of AI and animation to change the way that game designers design and develop their projects.

The Future is Now

Latent Tech has taken a big step towards revolutionizing the gaming industry. By merging AI and animation, the possibilities for game design and development are unlimited.

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Ready Player One?

So, are you ready to join the AI revolution? Grab a controller and get ready – Latent Tech’s new solution is the perfect blend of AI and game animation to take your gaming experiences to a whole new level!

P.S. Now let’s face it, unless you’re an AI-generated superhero, these advances in gaming animations are not gonna make you a better gamer. But hey, at least your game will look awesome!

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