Home Technology Newzoo: Gen Z’s gaming habits foreshadow the metaverse

Newzoo: Gen Z’s gaming habits foreshadow the metaverse

Game On: Gen Z’s Gaming Habits Prepare Us for the Metaverse

Are you ready for the metaverse? According to recent studies by Newzoo, it may be closer than you think! Gen Z (18-24 year olds) are the first generation to have been gaming their entire lives, and the way they’re engaging with games could give us some clues about the potential for the metaverse.

Gaming 24/7

When it comes to gaming, Gen Zs take it very seriously. Not only do they play games on a regular basis, but they are extremely dedicated to their favorite games. They’re jumping in on multiple platforms like PC, consoles, mobile and streaming services, giving them round-the-clock access to their favorite titles.

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Groovy Numbers

Newzoo’s research showed that the top genres played by Gen Zs are:

  • Action
  • Sports
  • Racing
  • Shooters
  • Strategy

The stats are pretty impressive, with 94% of Gen Zs playing at least one game every day or month. Out of the entire group, almost a quarter (24%) are playing an action title every month, while 21% are playing shooters and another 19% are playing sports games.

More Than Gaming

As if the monthly and daily video game hours weren’t enough, 46% of Gen Zs are also using social media platforms for gaming. Platform-specific features such as live streaming, community building, and “sharing moments” are becoming as popular as the actual game play.

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Metaverse Here We Come!

It’s clear that Gen Z has embraced the gaming lifestyle, and their unique approach to gaming has given us some insight into what a potential metaverse could look like. The non-stop schedule, social sharing and network building are just the start of what could be a wild ride into the future of virtual worlds.

Are you ready to jump into the metaverse? Gen Zs seem to know the secret!

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