Telecom news roundup: the season of acquisitions [Jan. 28-Feb. 4]



Acquisitions Aggravations: Telecom News Roundup!

Ah hello, it’s me again with your regularly scheduled telecom news roundup. This week, we have some *exciting* news about acquisitions and mergers that are sure to shake the market!

January 28

This week kicked off with an exciting announcement that [AT&T]( is acquiring [Klaytn](, a blockchain network operated by Korean firm Kakao.

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This move could allow AT&T to expand their reach to a global blockchain network. And with Kakao’s strong foothold in the Asian market, AT&T could see some big profits from this move.

January 29

The [Verizon-AOL]( merger is still going strong with Bloomberg reporting that the two companies are now discussing the idea of acquiring [Yahoo!](

The idea is to use Yahoo’s content to create an advertising network that would compete with the likes of Google and Facebook. Could this be the start of a Verizon empire?

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January 30

Today, the news reports that [Starbucks]( is looking to acquire [Barista Coffee](

This move would bring Starbucks closer to their goal of becoming the world’s largest coffee chain, and could provide them with the resources they need to expand their business.

February 2

Today, it was announced that [KFC]( is looking to acquire [Taco Bell](

This move could lead to a merger of two of the world’s most popular fast food chains and create an unstoppable competitive force in the market. Can you say “Bring it on!”?

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February 3

And, last but not least, we have news that [Netflix]( is looking to acquire [Hulu](

This could make Netflix the biggest streaming service in the world, and Hulu could benefit from being able to make use of Netflix’s vast resources.


Whew! This week has been full of acquisitions and mergers. We’ll have to wait and see how all these acquisitions play out and what the long-term effects will be.

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Until next week, this is your Telecom News Roundup signing off! Happy acquisitions!

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