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9 Expert Tips for Keeping Children Safe Online

9 Expert Tips for Keeping Children Safe Online

Let’s face it – the internet can be a scary place. But with these 9 tips, you can help keep your children safe online and make navigating the internet a friendly adventure.

  • Set time limits. The internet can be a fun and educational part of our kids lives, but like all things, moderation is key. Set limits that are fair and enjoyable to keep them away from the “bad stuff”.
  • Keep your passwords secure. Passwords can keep the wrong people out, but they can also keep our kids safe. Make sure passwords are up to date and represent best security practices.
  • Don’t panic if your kids make a mistake. Kids can easily make a mistake or two with their internet usage. Take this opportunity to use it as a teaching moment and it will help your kids become responsible and smart internet users.
  • Monitor your kids’ usage. Most parents monitor their kids’ activities online, but don’t be afraid to ask what they’re doing or take it a step further and implement a parental control solution.
  • Use things like parental control software and filters. Parental control software can be a great tool to help filter out the bad content online and help our kids stay safe.
  • Make sure they understand digital etiquette. Explain to your kids that online behavior has consequences, just like in the real world. Teaching digital etiquette will be important in the long run.
  • Teach your kids to recognize scam tactics and phishing attempts. With scams and phishing becoming more and more common, it’s important to teach our kids how to recognize and avoid these attempts.
  • Learn how to identify cyberbullying. This is an especially important topic to address, as cyberbullying is on the rise. Teach your kids the signs of cyberbullying and how to stay safe.
  • Encourage personal responsibility. Our kids will be more likely to stay safe online when they take personal responsibility for their actions. Teach them to be proactive in their safety and always put safety first.

It’s not easy to navigate the minefield that is the internet, but with these 9 tips, you’ll be well on your way to keeping your kids safe online and out of danger’s way!

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