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Apple patents new under-screen Face ID and Dynamic Island tech

Apple Patenting a Ridiculous Amount of Revolutionary Technologies

Apple is at it again. The tech giant just can’t help but innovate, no matter how groundbreaking – or wacky – a concept might be. This time, they’ve seem to outdo themselves with two new patents! Let’s dive right into what these two world-altering patents are.

Under-Screen Face ID

According to AppleInsider, one patent filed on July 23, 2020 is for an under-screen Face ID system. The patent essentially describes a system whereby Face ID could be used on a device with an all-screen front. Without needing a camera in the top bezel, the device’s camera is located under the OLED display and is used to scan your face along the way.

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Dynamic Island Technology

The second patent, also filed on July 23, 2020, is for “Dynamic island structures for electronic devices”. This one is a bit harder to envision, but AppleInsider outlines the concept quite clearly. Basically, it’s a technology that allows different parts of the device’s display to act as separate islands. These islands could be used to move items around the display or accommodate multiple functions. Imagine a button being swept around the edge of the display without moving the contents underneath it!

Will These Technologies Actually See the Light of Day?

The jury is still out on whether Apple will actually bring these revolutionary technologies to life. It isn’t a completely far-fetched notion, however. After all, the tech giant is known for its pioneering spirit, and these patents are testament to that.

So, if you’re an Apple fan, you’d do well to keep an occasionally wild-eyed eye for the future. Who know what Apple will have dreamed up by then!

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Want To Know What Else Apple Has Patented Recently?

Here’s a quick list of other innovative concepts Apple has patented recently:

  • Head-mounted displays
  • Retractable smartpen
  • Embedded gesture recognition and force sensing
  • Tactile feedback on touch displays
  • Telescopic camera lens

As you can see, Apple’s patents cover a wide range of concepts. Who knows what the tech giant might think up next.

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