Home Technology Meta reportedly plans to open Horizon Worlds to younger teens as soon as March

Meta reportedly plans to open Horizon Worlds to younger teens as soon as March

Meta Set To Open Horizons to Younger Teens – Get Ready To Wrestle The Bears!

Meta, the virtual world created by a team of brilliant researchers and talented artists, has been on a roll lately. The social platform has earned rave reviews from users everywhere, with some praising its innovative use of technology and immersive experiences. And now, Meta has announced that they plan to open their virtual world, Horizon Worlds, to younger teens as early as next month!

What’s Waiting For Teens in Meta?

Horizon Worlds is an exciting and visually stunning place, where kids can explore many different universes and themes. It’s a portal to rich interactive experiences that unleash kids’ imaginations and provide them with unique opportunities for learning and growing. Kids can explore their favorite themes, such as adventure or sports, or dive into puzzles, new challenges, and achievements. Plus, with awesome visuals and realistic physics, Metal’s world is that much more mesmerizing.

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New Games and Experiences!

What sets Horizion Worlds apart from other virtual worlds is its ever-expanding library of games, activities, and experiences. With dozens of unique challenges and experiences, teens can stay entertained for hours. Plus, with new challenges being released regularly, teens can find something new to dive into every week. Some of the awesome stuff teens can expect in Horizon Worlds:

  • Animal Adventures: Take on exciting challenges as you tame wild animals, explore their habitats and care for them.
  • Running with the Bulls: Take on the challenge of running with the bulls in a wild stampede. Can you outrun them all?
  • Space Voyagers: Go on an intergalactic space adventure and explore distant galaxies, planets and star systems.
  • Medieval Brawls: Test your strength in epic medieval battles against other players!

And that’s not all – Meta also has a range of multiplayer activities for teens to join and compete with others in real-time!

So, When Can Teens Start Playing?

As mentioned earlier, Meta is planning to open Horizon Worlds to younger teens as early as March. With its plethora of fun and immersive activities, who wouldn’t be tempted to join the party? Hold your breath, the virtual world is opening its doors to a new generation of adventurers next month!

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But that’s not all! Meta has also announced that they’re working on more games and experiences to keep Horizon Worlds alive and vibrant. So, get ready to explore the amazing worlds and have countless hours of fun!

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