Home Technology Netflix subscribers will soon get access to mobile versions of two Rogue Games titles

Netflix subscribers will soon get access to mobile versions of two Rogue Games titles

Is Netflix Turning Into a Mobile Video Game Platform?

It looks like Netflix is taking a bit of a chance — they’re about to launch mobile versions of two Rogue Games titles for their subscribers. Could this be a sign that Netflix is taking its first steps into becoming a full-fledged video game platform?

What’s Up With Netflix and Video Games?

It makes sense that Netflix would want in on the video game market— it’s a huge market after all. So the launch of these two titles from Rogue Games is exciting news. It remains to be seen whether or not these titles will take off with Netflix users or if this is a one-time experiment.

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But if these titles are a success, don’t be surprised if Netflix decides to roll out more titles in the future. Who knows? Maybe this will be the start of a totally new streaming service for video games!

Which Titles Are Being Launched?

So what titles are Netflix subscribers getting access to?

  • Til Morning’s Light – This is a puzzle-adventure game where you play as Erica, a teenage girl who must explore an old mansion and fight her way out of a cursed castle!
  • Army of Tentacles: Black GOAT of the Woods Edition – A dark comedy role-playing game, this one puts you as Paige, a girl with a monster heart, trying to reunite a secret cult of tentacle worshippers!

It looks like Netflix is turning up the entertainment factor!

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Is the Future Bright for Video Games on Netflix?

It’s too early to call it, but if these two titles are successful, we could be looking at a whole new era of streaming video games on Netflix. It could be the next big thing — maybe even bigger than Stranger Things!

And think about it— if Netflix started incorporating more video game content, it could be a major draw for gamers everywhere. It could easily become the dominant “console” for many gamers and really revolutionize the industry.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to wait and see how these two titles do on the streaming service. Stay tuned!

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