Home Technology Samsung rolls out Galaxy Bud 2 update to improve charging

Samsung rolls out Galaxy Bud 2 update to improve charging

Samsung Galaxy Bud 2 Update Brings… New Charging Methodology?

Ah, Samsung, you never rest do you? Just when we thought we starting to feel comfortable with the first generation of Samsung’s totally wireless headphones, the tech giant strikes again with an update for the Galaxy Bud 2.

So, let’s take a deep dive into the newest update and get to the bottom of what’s new:

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Faster Charging

Good news – it looks like Samsung heard its customers loud-and-clear and has made improvements to the charging mechanism on the Galaxy Bud 2.
The previous generation of Galaxy Buds had a handy, but not totally ideal charging system: you would take the lid off the charging case and plug a tiny charging cable into both of the buds.

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be amazed. The new and improved Galaxy Bud 2 charging method is… drumroll, please… wireless!

Yes, you heard it from the horse’s mouth. You can now charge your Buds wirelessly, simply by sitting them in the case or laying them flat on a wireless charger. There’s no cable-plugging-in necessary.

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Streamlined Design and Workout Mode

Apart from faster charging capabilities, Samsung has also updated the design of the Galaxy Bud 2. The protruding tuners have been kept, but the overall look of the Buds has been streamlined a bit – basically, they look more like your average, Run-of-the-Mill earbuds now.

Additionally, a new workout mode has been added. This mode gives users three additional settings – warmup, cooldown, and intense workout – and lets users customize their settings accordingly.

Time to embrace the Buds!

So, as we can all see, Samsung really went all-in when they put together this update.

Time to embrace the Buds and get that wireless charging experience! After all, who likes cables anyways?

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