Home Technology Thermacell’s EL55 will repel mosquitoes while lighting your table

Thermacell’s EL55 will repel mosquitoes while lighting your table

Thermacell’s EL55- Illuminate Your Table and Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes

Are you tired of mosquitoes cramping your outdoor style? Does your summer mood quickly crash and burn if you don’t turn on a bulb but still want to keep bugs away? Well, Thermacell is here to save the day with their new EL55 device!

Light it Up and Wave Goodbye to Mosquitoes:

  • The EL55 Comes Ready To Rock and Roll: All you have to do is open the box, insert the refill and press the button. You don’t need to read instructions, it’s plug and play.
  • Comes Pre-installed with Impressive Lighting Technology: Just turn it on and watch as the EL55 brings light to your space while simultaneously taking away the mosquitoes.
  • Cool Blue or Warm Yellow Color Lighting Options: Choose from two attractive colors to light up your space and drive away the pests.
  • Small and Lightweight: Leave your bulky bug-fighting devices behind. This sleek and lightweight EL55 is the only bug repellent you need.

Let’s Kick Some Bug Butt?

So, what are you waiting for? As far as bug repellents are concerned, this one is a winner. With its impressive lighting and bug-zapping technology, the EL55 will be your go-to device when you want to enjoy an outdoor evening that’s bug-free. No more swatting at annoying pests or lighting hundreds of candles. Just sit back, relax, and know that the EL55 is there to take care of the bugs while you take care of the drinks.

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Happy bug-zapping!

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