Home Technology NFL and DAZN Group announce new 10-year deal for Canada starting in 2023

NFL and DAZN Group announce new 10-year deal for Canada starting in 2023

NFL Canada Brings a Ten-Year Gift to All Canadian NFL Fans

Canadians got a huge gift this week: the NFL and DAZN Group have announced a 10-year deal for streaming NFL games in Canada, kicking off in 2023. Canadians all over the country are already looking forward to eating nachos and watching the biggest games of the season while knowing they’re not missing any action.

the NHL’s Big Brother is Coming to Canada

Canada has been an established powerhouse of sports for a while, from the NHL to basketball to even a brief stint in the Olympics. But one major name was missing from the list – until now. Starting in 2023, the NFL will be broadcasted in Canada, giving fans of football something to cheer about. No more secretly streaming the game from your American cousin’s basement!

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Who’s Going to be Called in the 10 Year Play?

The deal includes showing Sunday, Monday and Thursday night games, playoff games, and the Super Bowl right on our Canadian TV screens. This means Canadian fans will quickly get up to speed on the NFL teams, some of the most recognizable in North America.

Now, after years of distant cheering, they’ll finally have the opportunity to see their favorite teams, identify their rivalries and have true football battles to talk about at the bar.

Football Fans Rejoice

There’s no denying that football fans everywhere are excited about the announcement. Canadians are, of course, among the most enthusiastic. The ability to watch their favorite players each week, or to see the greatest competition of them all, the Super Bowl, is finally here.

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And for those who had to hide their fandom due to lack of options before; this is the moment that’s finally here! To all football fans, now’s the time to get your big foam finger out of storage and put on your Jersey; this is a touchdown for Canada!

Here’s the Highlights

To wrap things up, here’s the biggest highlights of what you should know about the NFL coming to Canada:

  • Starting in 2023, Canadian fans will start to see the NFL side by side with the NHL and other major sports being broadcasted.
  • Sunday, Monday and Thursday games will now be open to Canadians.
  • Playoff games and the grand finale, the Super Bowl, will be broadcasted along with all the regular games.

It’s the moment all Canadian NFL fans have been waiting for – the NFL is finally coming to Canada. Looks like you’re all set for an exciting decade of NFL streaming!

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