Home Technology Subway Canada is spreading Valentine’s Day love with new deals

Subway Canada is spreading Valentine’s Day love with new deals

Subway Canada’s Valentine’s Day Deals: Not Just a Bunch of Empty Promises!

It’s true that the love and romance of Valentine’s Day seems to come bundled with a tonne of marketing and empty promises from big brands. But Subway Canada is not gonna let you down when it comes to celebrating this special day. Once again, Subway is spreading the love with some delicious new deals!

Subway’s Signature Values

It’s no surprise that Subway is still one of the most beloved spots to get an affordable, nutritious and tasty meal. Since its start in 1965, Subway has been offering customers a top-notch dining experience, keeping some core values in mind:

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  • Freshness. Just like Romeo and Juliet, Subway’s bread and other ingredients are only brought together for a short time before the relationship is no longer.
  • Variety. Subway can accommodate a vast range of regimes with its different options, from vegan, to gluten-free and even the “classic” options with mayonnaise, cheese and meat.
  • Superior service. Subway knows that dining experience is in the details. From offering your exact order to a friendly smile, Subway takes pride in making sure everyone is happy.

Spread the Valentine’s Day Love

This Valentine’s Day Subway Canada is spreading the love with two incredible deals. If you buy one 8″ sub and get a second 8″ sub free, so that you and your special someone can enjoy the meal.

But what if you don’t have a special someone to celebrate the day with? No worries! Subway is also offering 50% OFF orders of their delicious breakfast sandwiches. Now you don’t have to feel lonely when enjoying delicious food.

It’s All About Balance

Not only can you enjoy some great discounts this Valentine’s Day at Subway, but you can also enjoy some really great nutrition. Subway Canada wants you to have not only delicious food but also a balanced meal. With some Vegetables, cheese, and whole-grain bread you can be sure that you’re getting a delicious meal that also packs plenty of vitamins and nutritious ingredients.

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The bottom line is simple: Subway Canada is here to show everyone some love for Valentine’s Day. So on February 14th, join Subway and take advantage of some of their great deals. And remember, keeping it balanced is the best way to enjoy it!

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