Disney will lay off 7,000 employees: CEO



Nothing Like a Disney Layoff To Make You Laugh, Right?

Most of us aren’t very inclined to see layoffs as something to laugh about, but when it involves The Walt Disney Company laying off 7,000 employees, it’s hard not to crack a smile.

Why Did Disney Layoff 7,000 Employees?

Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek recently announced the company has been forced to choose cost-cutting measures as a result of theaters and parks closures caused by the coronavirus pandemic. A large portion of this cost-cutting is the layoff of 7,000 workers.

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How Does Disney Layoff 7,000 Employees?

The truth is, Disney didn’t give a whole lot of detail about the process, but here’s what we do know:

  • The cuts are coming from Disney’s Parks, Experiences and Products division, and should affect mainly employees in the United States and Canada.
  • The majority of the layoffs will be focused on non-essential, non-union workers. These are the types of workers that are lowest on the company totem pole and were likely the first to go.
  • Disney will be offering certain layoffs severance packages. Some of these packages even include a bonus, depending on the length of their tenure.

What Will the Affected Employees Do Now?

Unfortunately, with COVID-19 having a major economic impact on industries all over, many of the affected workers may struggle to find new employment. That being said, Disney is doing their part to make the transition as smooth as possible. The company has promised to make sure that those losing their jobs are offered career transition services.

Final Thoughts

We know layoffs are never a laughing matter, but Disney did offer a bright spot of humor in their announcement. Trying to lighten the mood, the CEO said, “I know some of you will be getting your jobs back soon.” Let’s hope so!

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