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Metroid Prime is getting remastered for Switch

Metroid Prime Is Coming Back! Retrogamers Rejoice!

Ahh, the eternal quest of Samus Aran to rid the universe of the devious Space Pirates. Metroid Prime, the sci-fi classic that spawned a series of sequels and remakes, is getting remastered for the Nintendo Switch. Retro gamers rejoice!

What to Expect from the Remastered Version

The remastered version of Metroid Prime will feature a full 4K remaster with upgraded textures and lighting for all the levels. This version of the game will also feature a new set of control schemes so you can still get that amazing feeling of exploring ancient ruins with a modern control method. If you can get someone to give you the original Gamecube controller, even better!

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Why Metroid Prime Matters

Metroid Prime was revolutionary in its day, as it was the first game in the series to move away from the classic side-scrolling, sprite-based action to a 3D world. It also featured an infamous difficulty, which created a bond between the players and the game.

The game also popularized the auto-map function, which was a godsend for anyone that got lost in the depths of Tallon IV. Players could also use the iconic Morph Ball to roll around and discover hidden secrets.

Things to Look Forward to

Metroid Prime also made extensive use of Action Commands, cutscenes and dialogue, which helped to set the tone for the series. Now, with this remaster for the Switch, you can revisit the haunted depths of Tallon IV and experience the story from the very beginning.

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For those of you who have played the original and are looking for something fresh, the remaster will also feature updated controls and the ability to play in co-op. If that wasn’t enough, the game will feature Motion Aiming and Gyro Aiming, an addition which many fans have been excited for since it was first revealed.


Metroid Prime is an iconic title and it’s great to see it getting the remaster it deserves. For those who were too young to experience the original, now is the perfect time to pick up the game and relive this classic. Fans of Samus Aran should definitely keep their eyes out for the release!

Who needs an intergalactic adventure when you can have one right on your Switch?

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