Pikmin 4 launches on Nintendo Switch on July 21



Pikmin 4 Confirmed For Release On July 21!

Be prepared to be charmed and challenged anew on July 21, as Pikmin 4 launches on the Nintendo Switch! After months of rumors swirling around fandom, Nintendo has finally confirmed the release date for this beloved real-time strategy, puzzle game.

A Welcome Return For a Beloved Series

The Pikmin series has been around since 2001 and fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of the lovable aliens and their ever loyal captain. Command the trusty Pikmin and their new leader, the ultra-cute bunny-like explorer, across a lush world filled with crazy enemies and adventures.

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Grab Your Captains Hat and Ready Your Pikmin For Battle!

This game promises to offer the charming, puzzle-solving goodness that Pikmin fans have come to expect. With the power of the Switch, players will be able to explore and battle the wild landscapes with the help of their team of adorable Pikmin. Will you be able to get past the new obstacles, or will you and your team succumb to the dangers of the wild?

It’s Not All Cuteness and Adventure, There’s also Strategy!

Nothing is as rewarding as conquering the wilds with both your wits and your team. Players will need to build and manage their team, successfully utilizing the three different types of Pikmin’s strengths; from the quick and nimble Red Pikmin, to the big and powerful Blue Pikmin, to the amphibious White Pikmin – and if the rumors are true, even a fourth type.

So Are You Ready For July 21?

Ready for your most challenging and rewarding missions yet? Make sure you are fully prepared to lead your team of Pikmin on an adventure come July 21, when Pikmin 4 launches on the Nintendo Switch!

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Here’s an amazingly helpful checklist of things to do before that day:

Things You’ll Need To Do In Order To Play Pikmin 4:

  • Get a Switch.
  • Purchase Pikmin 4.
  • Organize a team of people you trust to join you on your mission.
  • Practice your leadership skills.
  • Start assembling your team of Pikmin!

We can’t wait to see you in action! Will you succeed? Will you fail? Only one way to find out – join us at the launch of Pikmin 4 on July 21!

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