Home Technology Unbundling HBO Max and Discovery+ is a win for a la carte TV

Unbundling HBO Max and Discovery+ is a win for a la carte TV

Unbundling HBO Max and Discovery+ is a Win for A La Carte TV!

No More Carving Into Your Budget for Unwatched Premium Channels

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally reached the dawn of the a la carte TV revolution! HBO Max and Discovery+ are now available separately, untethered from their often costly predecessors. That’s right, no more buying a bundle of premium channels for just one show you actually want to watch!

For far too long, the entertainment industry has been banking on the idea that consumers should pay for several channels they don’t watch to get the few they actually do. But finally, we have an answer to all the pleas in the form of an option to pick and choose exactly what you want to watch and only pay for that.

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This move creates a win-win situation for both viewers and content creators. Here are just a few of the advantages:

Pros of Unbundling

  • Viewers can tailor their entertainment to their own preferences: No longer are you stuck with paying for channels you never watch. Now you can buy exactly what appeals to you and obtain the content that you want for a lower price.
  • Producers can generate more revenue from streaming services: By splitting up their content into more versatile packages, streaming services can access more viewers who pay smaller amounts than they would from a bundle.
  • More opportunities for indie producers: A la carte TV gives everyone a chance to be seen! Indie outlets can more easily get their content out there since they don’t have to compete with the big guys for space.

Unbundling is the way of the future, and we are all better off for it! Now we have the ability to curate our own entertainment without breaking our budget. Here’s to the end of bundling, and the ushering in the age of the a la carte TV revolution!

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