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Hey everybody, blue here again from the team/Discord server.

This post now has over 100 comments, thank you for everybody’s concern and well wishes. There are no new updates or announcements in regard to Hemdom or the blog and it remains that there will be no new posts until further notice. I just want to quickly share a few things.

Over time I have hidden a total of 11 hentai manga in this post and its comment section. There is also a game recommendation of mine in here for anybody interested. Can you find them all? 😈

I also want to note that unfortunately some comments on game-related blogposts are being flagged by the spam protection filter of the website, resulting in them never showing up. This mostly goes for comments that contain full links. Currently there is no way for me to unflag some of those helpful comments. I really suggest to bring any game-related questions or conversations to the #gametalk channel on our Discord server where people can usually help out.

Many people have recently joined our community via Discord which I am happy to see! It’s always nice to see new friendly (and horny) faces! If you still haven’t joined us, you can click here and share your favourite nhentai number with us! (or just lurk and fap like most people lmao) Please bring your cutest anime waifu pfp!

I’m thinking about bringing back the femdom movie nights we’d do via voicechat there, maybe sometime this month or in March! I also continue to read all the comments on this post and might add more links to spicy things if the chance arises…

I am sending everybody good energy, y’all stay safe and horny!
Thank you for your continued patience.

— blue
update from February 6th 2023

Hey everybody, blue here from the team/Discord server.

I spoke with Hemdom recently. I am happy to say that they are alive!
However, they are dealing with a couple of personal issues at the moment.

There will be no new posts until further notice.

Feel free to join our horny and friendly community by clicking here!
I am reading all the comments on this post and can also be reached via our Discord server.

I hope everybody had a good start into the year.
Happy New Year! 🥳

— blue
update from January 14th 2023

I added a few Christmas gifts for all you naughty people. 🎄
Merry Christmas! 😈

— blue
update from December 25th 2022

Hey everybody, blue here from the team/Discord server.

The website has not been updated since November 13th and people have been asking why that is.
Hemdom has not been online for almost a month now and we do not know why.

We are not planning to make any changes to the website or the Discord without Hemdom’s approval.
We do not know when Hemdom might return and do not know why they have been absent during the past weeks. We hope for their speedy return.

There will be no new posts until further notice.

The Discord server is still active as always, if you’re looking for some femdom content posted by our horny and friendly community!

I hope everybody is enjoying the Christmas season.

— blue
update from December 11th 2022

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